Top five ways to show gratitude in the office

Top five ways to show gratitude in the office

Showing gratitude around the office isn’t as easy as it is with your best friends and family. A big hug and a pat at on the butt probably won’t fly with the payroll clerk in the cubicle next to you after they accepted your paperwork after deadline.

There are other ways to show your colleagues how thankful you are. Here are a few ideas to start with but feel free to leave your ideas in the comment section and I’ll include it in the next posting on this topic.

1. Find out when their birthday is a make a tiny fuss about it

Some people make a big deal out of their birthday and some people do their best to keep it quiet. But it’s rare the person who doesn’t appreciate a simple happy birthday note. (NB the key here is note and not email). A card wishing them the best and letting them know why you’re happy they’re in your life is a great way to show gratitude. “Happy birthday, Jean! For your birthday this year I’m going to do my best to get those TPS reports to you early all the time,” or “Best wishes on your birthday, Frank. Thanks for all your help this year learning the new software package.”

2. Bring them their favourite beverage

You don’t have to have the investigative acumen of Inspector Gadget to figure out if they enjoy the occasional bottle of juice from the vending machine or a tall dark roast from the coffee shop in the lobby. Say thanks by showing up at their desk with the drink already in hand and tell them you wanted to say thanks for whatever it is you need to be thankful for. “Hey, I wanted to say thank you for always getting my sales reports distributed to the right people,” or “You know I never had the chance to say thank you for showing me the ropes when I first got here.”

3. Offer a sincere thank you at the next company or department meeting

Next time there’s an opportunity to speak at the next department or company meeting, make a special point of standing up and letting the rest of the audience know there’s someone here who has made a difference to you and you’d like to publicly acknowledge them. They may get embarrassed and turn red but the flip side is they’ll know their efforts have not gone unnoticed and will get a little endorphin boost.

4. Send a note

There’s nothing wrong with leaving a thank you note in someone’s mailbox or on their desk. A thank you note has the added benefit of having longevity – it’s something that they can keep in a drawer, on their desk or pin on the wall for months and years to come. Take the time to pick up an actual thank you note and avoid scribbling something on a post-it note. For a quick tutorial on how to write a thank you note, see this earlier post “How to write a thank you note.”

5. Something homemade is the most awesome sign of appreciation

Home-baked goods, a pie (or if you’re creative in another way) provides the perfect way for you to offer a sincere way to say thank you. The caveat here is it has to have been produced in your home or the home of a family member. Bringing in a tray of cookies with the added information that these are the most sought-after chocolate chip cookies at family functions or a pen and ink drawing mounted on something nice will forever be remembered. A small note saying thank you is the final touch to this act of gratitude.

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