Leading With Nice, a Roadmap For Success

Leading With Nice Book Cover
In Leading With Nice, Mathieu Yuill takes you through the six qualities of the nice leader and how you can make them your own to become a successful leader.

Leading With Nice

Based on over ten years of research and interviews with business, educational and thought leaders, Mathieu succinctly assembles anecdotal and scientific evidence on why leading with nice is the new mantra for today and tomorrow’s leadership superstars.

The six qualities in detail

  • Find out how the six qualities – gratitude, empathy, trust, honesty, generosity and service (GET HuGS) – work together
  • How to put the six qualities of a nice leader into action without going too far
  • What you can do to influence a positive work environment

Common pitfalls of the nice leader and how to avoid them

  • What people¬†mistakingly think being a nice leader is
  • How to avoid falling into traps toxic people try to snare nice leaders in

Bonus multimedia content

  • Online videos featuring interviews with some of today’s top leaders
  • Charts and worksheets to help you in your journey as a nice leader
  • Papers from some of the today’s greatest minds on leading with nice

This call to action isn’t full of hyperbole and wishful thinking. Complete with the stories and data from today’s nice leaders you’ll be able to put the ideas from the pages into action right away. Leading With Nice is a blueprint for leadership strategies that get results without being a jerk.

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