Empathy: why you want it and how to get it (audio)

Empathy: why you want it and how to get it (audio)

You can listen to it online or download it here.

I was invited to present to a group of student leaders at their annual conference. Student leaders are unique in that they don’t often have extensive experience managing other people yet they are called upon to work with a professional staff (who sometimes report to them) and must be a shining good example to the student body.

With this in mind I prepared a presentation advocating for greater development of their empathetic skills. Based on science and full of anecdotal evidence I shared with these student leaders the story of the emergency room dentist who has one of the highest ratings among his peers on a user-driven survey.

Empathy, measure your baseline and move to increase your capacity

I shared with them the steps they can take to figure out their current level of empathetic ability and showed them how to increase it.

Armed with my iPad and a wireless lapel mic I recorded the discussion.

Leading With Nice is made up of six qualities: Gratitude, Empathy, Trust, Honesty, Generosity and Service. All of them are skills you can learn and improve.

Empathy is hardwired into your brain

The good news about empathy is this: you already have it. In fact science has proven time and time again we, as humans, already have a baseline of empathy inside of us.

In this presentation I let listeners know how they can find out what their current level of empathy is and by using a real life example, illustrate what it looks like.

Listeners will also find out how to increase their level of empathy by completing some simple exercise. Does the sound of exercising sound off-putting to you? Don’t worry – these exercises are as simple as imagining. that’s right, something you used to do all day every day as a child is one of the quick and easy ways you can increase your level of empathy.

Listen online or download the audio to get the whole story.

Photo by eldeeem on Flickr

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