6 Qualities of a nice leader

Nice leaders emphasize six unique values: gratitude, empathy, trust, honesty, generosity, service. Or if you want an easy way to remember it then GET HuGS is the nice leader’s motto. The difference between the way a nice leader puts these values into practice and someone just trying to be nice is the authenticity and care put into their delivery.


Saying thank you has never gone out of fashion. Nice leaders show appreciation for their colleagues in meaningful ways. They don’t wait for the big events or huge successes to show it either, they show gratitude in a timely and appropriate way.


By definition, empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. But for the nice leader it goes beyond that. The nice leader invokes empathy to help build successful relationships. They understand empathy is a main ingredient in helping understand the needs and intentions of others.


Trust helps keep things moving quickly. Trust is what lets you take the next steps on a project without having to double check with your manager and lets you work on something else while others complete a task. Nice leaders create environments where trust is an incubator for amazing things to happen and when it isn’t amazing, trusts that next time it will be.


Without honest, nice leaders cannot practice the other five qualities. Honesty is the value that allows the nice leader to communicate and quantify what is required for the other qualities to flourish. In the hands of a nice leader, honesty is a powerful value that defeats gossip, resentment and ushers in a healthy and productive workplace.


Generosity means so much more to a nice leader than just what comes out of their wallet. Giving their time to help others learn a new skill or better their empathy is just as powerful as paying for a round of coffee at break. Taking time to Share knowledge and experience with those you lead is a valuable investment.


Service lies at the heart of leading with nice, without it the other values are born out of selfishness. What can you do for others to help them achieve their goals? Committing to be of service to others will ultimately help you achieve your objectives.


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